Chinook Hatchery Restoration

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Chinook Hatchery Restoration




A salmon hatchery restoration, habitat and tidal waters management, conservation and restoration, education and enhancement project in Chinook, WA. The Chinook Hatchery is the oldest salmon hatchery facility in Washington State – first established in 1883.

Its location in the lowest reaches of the Columbia, away from any natural or environmentally protected salmon runs make this a significant project for salmon restoration efforts. The Southern Resident Orca Task Force, along with other salmon and whale experts have identified this as a high priority salmon production area.

Sea Resources, the nonprofit managing the project, is currently in an agreement with Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) to manage the Chinook River Tide Gate controlling the flow of water which impacts sensitive habitat.

Northwest Salmon Research (NWSR), WDFW and multiple other public/private partners are collaborating with Sea Resources to restore the salmon hatchery facility. This is one more WDFW supported project to restore, conserve and enhance salmon habitat and increase responsible salmon production. NWSR Acting Director, Wayne Harmond has been appointed to the Sea Resources board.

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