About NWSR

Northwest Salmon Research

Preserving Our Salmon Culture

Northwest Salmon Research is a group of conservationists and fishermen who identify and support salmon habitat restoration, wild stock preservation and enhancement programs through research, education and public awareness. In cooperation with all co-managers, particularly in areas that have highest probability to produce measurable and positive impact for improving sustainable, healthy adult wild & hatchery salmon returns..

Mission Statement

It is our mission to help preserve and enhance our unique salmon culture through support of salmon research and educational activities, understanding best practices, sharing outcomes and raising public awareness about the importance of increasing the numbers of healthy, sustainable adult salmon stocks  for the shared benefit of ALL stakeholders.

Allied Groups

As an organization, NWSR is committed to keeping the co-managers of our salmon stocks and other special interest groups informed of our proposed activities and projects. Without their knowledge, experience and insights, we will be far less effective in fulfilling our mission. It is our intent to be an inclusive organization, sharing what we learn and learning from those who are willing to share. NWSR is currently engaged and collaborating with multiple strategic partners:

Sea Resources – Chinook, Washington

Chinook River Salmon Hatchery & Habitat Restoration

A public and private partnership to support the “stewards of the Chinook River watershed and tidal lands”. Sea Resources is executing on an ambitious agenda to restore the state’s first salmon hatchery program, continuing its efforts in Lower Columbia River salmon habitat enhancement, tidal waters management, conservation and education. The Chinook, WA Salmon Hatchery is the first and oldest salmon hatchery facility in Washington State – established in 1883.

Its location in the lowest reaches of the Columbia River, downstream and away from any ESA protected salmon runs, makes this a significant project for salmon research, enhancement and education efforts. The Southern Resident Killer Whale Task Force, along with other salmon and whale experts, have identified this area (Lower Columbia River) as a “high priority” salmon production area.

Sea Resources has been a steadfast steward of this historic and important salmon habitat area. Northwest Salmon Research (NWSR), WDFW and multiple other public/private partners are collaborating with Sea Resources to restore the salmon hatchery facility. This is one of many WDFW supported projects to restore, conserve and enhance salmon habitat and increase responsible salmon production and management. NWSR Acting President has been appointed to the Sea Resources board.

Armstrong-Keta, Inc 

Salmon Enhancement Collaboration

Salmon enhancement and production in Southeast Alaska is coordinated and conducted through public/private associations, in cooperation and as permitted by the ADFG, NOAA/NMFS, the US Forest Service and others. Armstrong-Keta, Inc., Northern Southeastern Regional Aquaculture Association (NSRAA) and similar non-profit organizations (SSRAA, DIPAC, etc.) all have similar goals of enhancing the common property salmon fisheries by supplementing, not replacing, wild salmon production. Supported by the Alaska commercial and sport fishing industries and utilizing “cost recovery” methods, these programs play a significant role in the renowned health of the sustainable Alaska fisheries.

One of the privately-owned hatcheries is managed and operated by Armstrong-Keta,Inc., of Juneau Alaska (since 1983). Armstrong-Keta, NSRAA, DIPAC, NOAA/NMFS, Auke Bay Labs, ADFG and several other public and private fisheries management, enhancement and research organizations, support each other, through the sharing of research, educational and enhancement “best practices”, as well as certain funding and an open exchange of intellectual resources. NWSR is very fortunate to be included as a recognized collaborator with these leaders in Pacific Salmon management and resources enhancement.

Stakeholder Engagement

Public and Private

NWSR is committed to engagement with all stakeholders at every level including: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Northwest Indian Fishing Commission (NWIFC), Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife (WDFW), and Local Tribal Co-Managers of salmon stocks to identify and establish shared goals and objectives in which NWSR can assist and participate.


Fund Raising Projects & Partnerships

Harmon Brewery – Salish Sea Orca Lager

A Fund-Raising and Public Awareness Project/Partnership: NWRS, in collaboration with a local, award-winning, craft brewery (Harmon Brewing, Tacoma, WA), a unique graphic design firm (Orca Design Group of Gig Harbor, WA), an innovative product manufacturer (E6PR/ eco six pack rings), a mobile beer bottler /canner, a local beverage distributor (Northwest Beverage) and an exclusive number of local area retailers (Harbor Greens, Tacoma Boys, Pt. Defiance Boathouse & Marina, Stadium Thriftway, and others…)- all came together to help raise funds and educate the public about the plights of our endangered SRKW and our vanishing “Salmon Culture”. What better way to support a project, then buying and drinking a great craft beer?

Just Released! February 1 st , 2019 – by Harmon Brewery of Tacoma, Washington: **A portion of the profits from the sale of Salish Sea Orca Lager will directly fund NWSR projects. The impactful graphics and messaging on the label will help to raise public awareness about the need for more healthy, adult Chinook salmon and the efforts to save our endangered SRKW (Orcas).

Funding and Support

  • We are actively identifying funding sources (grants, donations, etc.) including ALEA/WDFW and possibly PSRFE/WDFW and other salmon and SRKW allied groups.
  • We have received offers of support for both our C.O.R.E. project(s) and the Sea Resources collaborations. Possibly included in this are:  grant applications submissions, equipment, labor, aquaculture expertise, likely funding sources, management and oversight assistance, consulting, etc.
  • WDFW has indicated that they support our C.O.R.E. project(s) And the Sea Resources and Chinook Salmon Hatchery projects, and will assist in our overall needs assessments, permitting, providing and identifying the optimum salmon (gene pool) stocks, consult on research activities, education curriculum and fisheries management topics, and best practices and oversight.
  • Grants/Applications, Collaborations, Memberships, E6PR, GoFundMe, Donations, etc.

Articles of Incorporation

Articles of Incorporation/Organization activities and purposes:  Under 501(c)(3) IRS tax code, NWSR shall support, participate, collaborate and conduct pacific salmon research & educational projects, participate in activities which raise public awareness, share best practices of salmon habitat and production enhancement, reduce adverse environmental impact/s, perform fund raising activities/events – solicit charitable contributions, pursue grants, form partnerships with businesses, public & private organizations to support our projects and to share with other salmon recovery groups.


Preserving Our Salmon Culture