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SAMI – C.O.R.E Project




A public/private partnership project to rear, study and release surplus Chinook salmon at and from temporary holding facilities in locations throughout Puget Sound with the support of the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife and Tribal Co-Managers.

Partnerships with SAMI (Science and Math Institute) Tacoma Public Schools, Chief Leschi Schools and local Tribes to conduct and share Chinook Salmon and Southern Resident Killer Whales (SRKW) related educational programs, salmon culture and history, public awareness and information about Southern Resident Orca initiatives and actions. Northwest Salmon Research is engaging the appropriate co-managers to coordinate this valuable education, research and public awareness project.

Students at SAMI (Science and Math Institute) Tacoma Public Schools will be immersed in hands-on, real world marine biology projects guided by a salmon-focused curriculum of marine biology, local tribal culture and history. (((Need clarification)))

Students, faculty and volunteers will be conducting the core hands-on research activities while participating in educational and research programs under the guidance and direction of accredited researchers, instructors, fishery biologists, tribal partners, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW), other professionals and experts with the assistance of Northwest Salmon Research (NWSR) volunteers.

The curriculum taught, and the body of educational information created, will be extended to the community in various ways, including through a collaboration with Chief Leschi Schools with an emphasis on Tribal Salmon Culture and Food Sovereignty. The educational benefits of salmon preservation will also be shared through the SAMI preschool outreach program with an early education salmon experience.

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